Parkers overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2

SEAT Mii Electric review - dead-on front view, blue, driving, 2019

Should you buy one?

Yes. If you want a used electric car that doesn’t shout about it, the SEAT Mii Electric is a great place to start. It looks like a normal car from the outside and drives like a standard car on the inside, but offers all the electric vehicle advantages of silent and surprisingly potent performance alongside a very reasonable driving range for the money it costs.

The styling is neat and tidy, and it has a generally high-quality feel on the inside; there are some cheaper plastics in places if you look for them, but we feel that’s entirely forgivable in a car of this type – they hardly shout out their presence anyway, and with a generous amount of standard equipment it certainly seems good value.

What’s more, for such a small vehicle it provides generous space for its passengers; that this electric version has the same size boot as the previous petrol models is a minor triumph, and cements its appeal as an excellent choice of city runabout.

Especially since the steering, chassis and electric motor response make it so agile in traffic. This is a fun and enjoyable car to drive if you’re in the mood to be spirited, while its refinement and easy-going single-speed transmission mean it can also be relaxed and undemanding if you’re not in a hurry.

And though it’s not really aimed at buyer who will regularly do long journeys on the motorway, it doesn’t feel out of its depth in this environment either. The overall impression is of a driving experience that’s highly mature, and one that belies this SEAT’s compact dimensions. In short, the Mii Electric is a great small car with big attitude, and best of all it makes driving an electric vehicle feel totally normal.

Grab one if you can find one!

SEAT Mii Electric review - rear view, silver, wallbox, 2019

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