Skoda Octavia vRS: Folding seats

Making even more use of the Octavia

A few weeks ago I offered to take a friend of mine to a cycle race - with an added extra. Not only did I have to transport him, but also his bike. Again it was down to the Octavia to step up to the mark when it came to load lugging. But this time there was no weight or bulk issue - instead it was a case of size.

As most bike owners will doubtlessly testify, a bicycle seems fairly small when you look at it. But try and load it into the back of a car and it suddenly turns into a cumbersome and awkward contraption. I suppose I'm lucky it wasn't a Penny Farthing race!

The bike itself - a modern racer - wasn't heavy, but that didn't mean getting it in was going to necessarily be a straightforward process. I needn't have worried of course - as the Octavia didn't let me down. The 60/40 split rear seats fold down easily with just one lever and the bike slid in with minimal fuss and no expletives (almost).

The only gripe is that the seat backs don’t fold down level, so there is a ridge which means the bike doesn't lay flat. It's not a huge problem here but could become an issue with larger, boxy items.

Current mileage: 6561