Skoda Octavia vRS: First impressions

Sport vRS arrives

I've been really looking forward to the arrival of the Octavia vRS since we ordered it six weeks ago. I opted for the solid Corrida Red paintwork which (along with the white and yellow) costs nothing extra.

Going for one of the metallic finishes adds £375 but I think the vRS looks at it's best in the bold red, which suits its sporty nature. Besides - you're unlikely to recoup that extra premium if you decide to sell.

Here at last...

The Skoda arrives with just delivery mileage on it but there's no time for it to rest on its laurels. It's put instantly to work covering my 80-mile daily commute on mainly motorway and dual carriageway roads.

I'm running it in - which means keeping the revs in check and trying not to push it too hard (it's not easy resisting this temptation!) but thankfully the vRS can happily sit at 70mph and is already proving a very comfortable cruiser to and from work.

Current mileage: 793