Skoda Octavia vRS: Roomy boot

Cavernous load space

In my last report I touched on the practicality of the Octavia but it's really one of the Skoda's main strengths - and one which I've tested further. After a recent frenzy of gardening (helped by some decent weather) I've ended up with plenty of grass cuttings, hedge trimmings and general garden waste fodder that needs to be disposed of. So it's off the local refuse and recycling centre.

Of course a high performance car wouldn't be the ideal choice for this sort of task. But then the vRS is no ordinary hot hatch. It's quick - but also incredibly spacious and boasts a huge boot with 560 litres of space. Fold down the seats and that rises to 1350 litres - to put that into context it's only a few litres smaller than a Peugeot 407 SW.

More than numbers

Of course the figures boasted by manufacturers are only really useful when it comes to comparing makes and models. What owners are really interested in is everyday use - and as our pictures show, the Octavia can swallow a seemingly endless amount of what ever you can thrown at it.

The fact it can carry more than a large estate car is very impressive and considering the fairly lengthy journey to the refuse site, I was pleased that I could dispose of seven dustbin bags of rubbish in one hit.

Current mileage: 4203