Skoda Octavia vRS: Handy features

Curry hooks and cubbyholes

Most people would agree that long term ownership is often defined by the car’s details. Those useful elements that are so brilliant you wonder why every car doesn't feature it - or equally an annoyance that can infuriate every time you get behind the wheel.

In my last report I was bugged by the slow sat nav in my vRS. I've since found out that next year an all-new (and vastly superior) system will be introduced. It will be slightly more expensive but promises to be far more user-friendly and will make its debut in the Volkswagen range before being introduced to SEAT and Skoda.

Chicken Jalfrezi anyone?

But back to the present - and usability. Because while the vRS is a performance car, it's still an Octavia - and that means it's hugely practical. But it's not just the luggage capacity that impresses me - it's the more thoughtful features. The cubbyhole on the dash top with a flip-up lid is one and the addition of two plastic hooks in the boot is another.

These are nicknamed 'curry hooks' by many - because (as the name suggests) you can hang your takeaway on them as an alternative to it sliding around in the footwell or burning the lap of an unfortunate passenger. They're also handy for shopping bags (especially if you've bought eggs) and stop bottles and cans rolling around the boot floor. Simple, but very clever.

Current mileage: 3438