Skoda Octavia vRS: Almost the end

Still no need for a service

It's amazing how quickly six months can pass - it barely seems any time at all since I was picking up the keys to our shiny new vRS. Incredibly that was almost 12,000 miles ago and now the Octavia and I are parting ways.

I've thoroughly enjoyed driving the vRS. It truly is a great hot hatch that is hugely practical and easy to own. The fact that I've covered a large amount of miles in a short space of time with no problems whatsover is a good sign - plus it still doesn't need a service.

The Skoda (like Volkswagen, SEAT and Audi models) runs on a variable servicing schedule. This means that the car's on board computer let's you know how many miles it is until the next service via the trip computer display on the instrument cluster.

Gently does it

Our car can travel another couple of thousand miles before it needs to visit a dealership for a well deserved check-up. The length between services depends on how hard the car is driven - I have a friend with a SEAT Leon FR TDI that needed a service after just 9,000 miles.

That makes me feel even happier with the Octavia. My careful running in and an eye on economy have resulted in a lengthy distance between maintenance trips - keeping costs down.

Current mileage: 11274