Skoda Octavia vRS: Wear and Tear

Sports seats ageing prematurely

The great thing about the Living With It section is that not only are we able to assess a car in terms of driving, practicality and comfort - but we're also able to report on its longer term durability.

As I expected, there have been no issues with the Skoda in terms of reliability. It's easy to see why the carmaker has such a strong reputation in this field - banishing those jokes that used to be associated with the badge in the 1980s and 90s.

However I have noticed that the fabric on the driver's seat is starting to look a bit worn. The sports seats themselves are comfortable and supportive plus I love the silver and black design, but the lighter perforated material is showing signs of wear. This doesn't bode well for long term ownership and seems a shame when the rest of the car is so solid.


It's never the noise you want to hear when reversing in a tight space but a recent trip to shopping centre resulted in a minor collision with another car. After mentioning how useful the rear parking sensors were in my second August update it's embarrassing to admit that I managed to hit something...

It wasn't down to the sensors exactly - but there were so many other obstacles nearby that they were beeping constantly. Of course now I realise why! The incident did highlight the restricted rear view (not helped by the spoiler) - the sloping rear screen means spotting things when reversing isn't that easy.

There was minor damage to both vehicles with the vRS suffering scratches to the rear bumper. But luckily it looks like only paint damage. The lesson? Always trust the parking sensors!

Current mileage: 10757