Skoda Octavia vRS Estate - Goodbye

  • After 12,339 miles we say goodbye to our Skoda Octavia vRS estate
  • Bright colour made our lives better, as did rest of car's attributes
  • Test average of 44.9mpg disappointing, but testament to fun behind the wheel

Feng Shui says your surroundings directly affect your mood, and though it’s a discipline normally associated with building interiors (and originally pointed towards a structure’s geographical orientation) it’s no less relevant to cars. Especially those on long term test, like our Skoda Octavia vRS.

The Octavia certainly had an effect on those who drove it, those who were passengers in it, those that it drove past and even those who spotted a social media picture of it.

People in the office thought I was mad choosing to specify our vRS in Sprint yellow, let alone pay an extra £495 for the privilege. My reasoning was simple: when it comes to photographing cars, the brighter the colour the better the pics look. I’ll admit, had it not been for this reason, I’d have chosen a more subtle hue as an ownership proposition.

Octavia vRS hot hatch

When it turned up in the office car park the reaction was certainly voiciferous, which saw me leap immediately to its defence. Thankfully once people had seen past the colour and experienced the other aspects of KX63 RSV their outlook changed.

In fact, without exception, everyone who slipped into the comfortable sports seats, operated the large eight-inch colour touchscreen sat-nav, listened to the excellent Canton sound system or just explored the performance on offer from the 181bhp 2-litre diesel engine came away waxing lyrical. Some even saw the light with the colour.

Skoda Octavia bike

The same couldn’t be said for Europe, where the Octavia stuck out like a sore thumb, a flash of piercing yellow amongst a sea of grey, silver, white, black and occasionally brown cars on my recent 3,200-mile Scandinavian road trip. But it excelled here too, carrying all of our kit for the holiday, including a pair of bikes, at speed and in comfort.

By then the car had ditched the 18-inch alloy wheels and winter tyres for the new 19-inch Xtreme rims and summer rubber instead. Surprisingly the already firm – one of the car’s few stumbling blocks – ride didn’t actually suffer much, and the tyre change’s increase in grip and steering response outweighed any criticism of crashing springs.

Octavia on 19-inch wheels

That holiday wasn’t the only time RSV was employed to carry large loads, made easier by the remote seat backrest release, as it took numerous loads to the tip and ferried car parts to and from various garages. It did an exemplary job of carrying people too, thanks mostly to generous levels of rear legroom, the feeling of space augmented by the optional panoramic glass sunroof.

It did it all without fuss or hassle too, and over 12,000 miles the only thing that broke was a clip on the rear numberplate – apart from that there wasn’t even an errant warning light or suspicious grumble.

Octavia vRS interior

The diesel engine meant it was a joy to drive too, with impressive mid-range punch, and genuine hot-hatch worrying performance. Which might explain some of the less impressive fuel economy figures, as although we once saw 63.5mpg on a gentle run, the average over just north of 12,000 miles was a calculated 44.9mpg. We’re sure with a lighter right foot that number would be far closer to 50mpg – even if it’s still some way off the 61.4mpg officially quoted by Skoda.

Octavia vRS was great long term test car

According to Feng Shui the colour Yellow transfers cheerfulness, light-heartedness, and mental stimulation to those around it. Recommended for kitchens, I’d personally suggest it for cars as well - during my time with the car it certainly changed my outlook for a better one, almost like looking at the world through yellow-tinted spectacles.


Total Mileage: 12,339 miles       Average economy: 44.9mpg (calculated)