Skoda Superb: Wireless Connection

  • Wireless connection enables hands-free phone conversations
  • Type of phone dictates the functions you have
  • Phone upgrade restores music playback facility 

The Skoda Superb is a well equipped car, especially the SE Plus version.

Included in the standard kit is Bluetooth connection for both mobile phones and MP3 players, plus there is also a lead connection for MP3 players.

So I thought I would be clever and try hooking up my iPhone via the Bluetooth to take calls while connecting my iPod via the MIDI lead to listen to my music.

However, something wasn’t right. With this set-up the iPod would play for about ten seconds before going mute. Even swapping to the Bluetooth connection to play audio made no difference, in fact the same problem occurred. I was beginning to wonder if the car was making a stand about my Apple-product loving ways or simply couldn’t make its mind up whether it is supposed to be playing music from the iPhone or from the iPod.

Harmony, can literally be restored by disconnecting the MIDI lead and allowing the iPhone to play music via the magic that is Bluetooth. Problem solved.

At least until I realised I needed to recharge the phone using the MIDI lead. And then the problem returned. Again, the only solution is to switch off the Bluetooth connection on the phone, then use the MIDI connection to recharge the iPhone as well as play music. At least I don’t get calls interrupting my ambient trance selection.

To complete the weirdness, if my iPhone’s Bluetooth is on and I’m playing music from the iPod via the MIDI lead, the car prioritises the phone call and cuts the music. I can’t answer via the very handy controls on the steering wheel, only by picking the phone up - which I don’t do, officer, while driving.

Just before I started to think the car was possessed, I did a quick check online. It turns out that iPhones have different ways of connecting via Bluetooth compared to some other smart phones. Without going in to the technical stuff I found I was not alone and, while my iPhone can connect wirelessly, I was not getting the full benefits of the Superb’s Bluetooth offering. An update to my phone’s software operating system and suddenly the problem of having both iPod and iPhone connected disappeared.

I’ve also discovered the Superb’s Bluetooth connection supports the reading of any text messages received on your phone while driving. Except if you have an iPhone - mine’s a 3GS so further upgrades may be required. So there is Bluetooth, and then there is more advanced Bluetooth - turns out the wireless set-up in the Superb is more capable than my iPhone’s.  

Current mileage: 8,676 miles

Average mpg: 35.5mpg (ind.)

 iPod connection vis MIDI lead