Skoda Superb: All in the detail

  • Detail touches help improve ownership experience
  • Massive boot's features make for an easy life
  • Clever tricks, like hidden umbrella, are pleasing additions

With cars ever improving in terms of reliability and performance, it can often come down to the more detailed touches that separate good cars from really great ones.

When it comes to family cars, the fine details really make the difference. These little things can turn a dull car, that's a bore to drive and use, in to a car that is great to live with and turn journeys into fun trips.

While the Superb packs acres of space, Skoda has also spent time thinking about how owners will use the car. Hence, the addition of useful extras like the dividers in the huge boot.

There are two types of these dividers: an extendable aluminium one to keep parcels or boxes fixed in position, and a seat belt reel type that can wrap round more awkward shaped objects. Both dividers also fit into a slotted run, so you can move them up and down the length of the boot.

For even more flexibility the boot is equipped with four tie-down points that again use the slotted rail system so you can move them to any distance along the length of the boot floor.

There is a cargo net included which works brilliantly with the movable tie down points, although you only get the tethering system of dividers and tie down points on the SE, SE Plus and Elegance models as standard.

What does come as standard on all models are two sturdy flip down hooks in the boot, which are ideal for holding shopping bags. This may hardly seem like a revelation, with many new cars featuring them. However, these are either more flimsy versions or a recessed plastic peg arrangement that can be tricky to get bag handles over and, even when on, can slip off.

Also there is a detachable torch located in the boot. This comes with a magnetic back that makes it ideal for sticking to the car above the wheel if you need light to change a tyre or check something outside the car at night.

Not finished with its party tricks, the Superb has a concealed umbrella that sits in the passenger’s rear door armrest. Again only the SE spec upwards has it as standard. It's surprisingly useful; although you do need to remember to put it back when finished with it. The only other car to come with umbrellas in its door is the Rolls Royce Phantom, so how’s that for a touch of posh.

Current mileage: 6,309 miles

Average mpg: 36.7mpg (ind.)

Umbrella picture