Skoda Superb Estate: touch of luxury

  • Skoda Superb build quality impresses
  • Try spotting the difference from a VW's interior
  • Half-leather interior adds to sense of luxury

One of the problems that Skoda has had to tackle over the years is brand perception.

When I phoned my sister to arrange a visit and said that I would be arriving in a Skoda she could barely hide her disappointment. ‘Oh, can’t you come in something nice? The kids would love that,’ was her parting comment.

On arrival I didn’t tell her what I had driven down in but invited her out to see it and sat her in the driving seat. ‘Oh, this is nice – feels even posher than my VW Polo!’ she exclaimed. It took several checks of the boot lid badge’s and even a glance at the owner’s manual to convince her it was indeed a Skoda.

The simple reality is that Skoda has come a long, long way since being the butt of skip and wheelbarrow jokes back in the 80s. A test drive of VW’s new Passat brought this new reality into sharp focus. The dashboard materials, the clocks, the switch gear, door handles and even electric mirror adjusters are not only similar but nigh-on identical. And people put VW on the pedestal of quality.

To prove the point check out the pics that compare both interiors – can you tell which is the VW Passat Estate and which is the Skoda Superb estate? For those in the know it should come as no surprise.

Both brands are built by the same parent company so the sharing of the same components is commonplace. But Skoda also prides itself on build quality – the way it puts the cars together.

You can check it out for yourself by going along to the your nearest Skoda dealer and poking and wiggling the various bits of trim. In this Superb I am running at moment it is all rock solid.

Only areas of compliant are the boot carpet liner – not exactly a quality item – and the ISOFIX seat fittings are too tucked away under the seat cushions to make it easy to click a child’s seat into.

Other than that, this is an interior that is not only premium enough to grace any VW but it actually does in reality. Don’t believe me? Then you had no problem spotting which central display belongs to which car below then... 

Current mileage: 5,562 miles

Average mpg: 37.2mpg (ind.)


Skoda Superb InteriorCar Interior

So a Skoda Superb central display or a VW Passat one?

VW Passat interior

Or is this VW Passat or a Skoda Superb central display. Which is which?

Answer? Skoda is the top one...