Skoda Superb: squares up to Peugeot

  • Skoda Superb takes on Peugeot 508 in company car battle
  • Peugeot slightly ahead on running costs
  • Superb's huge boot and practical touches shine through 

In the battle for hearts and minds of company car drivers the volume manufacturers will always try to impress with their premium offerings.

This particular version of the Skoda Superb Estate, the SE Plus, is designed to appeal to company car drivers with a high level of spec versus a low P11D value in a bid to deliver maximum value and minimum costs.

With the likes of the premium German brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz producing more and more entry level models, the choice has never been wider for user choosers. But the mainstream brands are fighting back with models that emphasise a premium feel and a competitive P11D value.  

The Skoda Superb does it, as does the new Peugeot 508, so I want to know how the Peugeot 508 SW (estate) compares to the Skoda.

In terms of footprint both are similar in size though the Superb’s longer length means there's more boot space and rear space for passengers. Try 633 litres of space to the Peugeot’s 512 – there’s no doubting that the Superb is one of the biggest estate cars on the market.

However, when it comes to running costs the Peugeot strikes back. Taking the 1.6THP Allure as the closest rival to the 1.8TSi SE Plus Superb, the 508 manages a claimed 43mpg and C02 emissions of 150g/km – that’s a road tax of £130. The Superb manages a claimed 38mpg and CO2 emissions of 171g/km for a road tax of £190.

The balance is also tipped in favour of the Peugeot when it comes to company car tax with the 508 just edging it with an annual bill of £973 for a 20% tax payer compared to the Superb’s £1,080.

However, for retail buyers the Parkers Cost of Motoring tool reveals the Superb is a better value proposition when you buy new and run it for three years with 30,000 miles thanks to a monthly cost of £698.51 compared to £755.81 for the 508.

Standard equipment is similar but you do get heated front seats, keyless entry, electronic handbrake and a panoramic roof with the Peugeot. The Skoda marks its differences with a CD multichanger, boot dividers, Bluetooth telephone connection and its unique trick of being one of only two cars to come with an umbrella.

It’s a very close match and the Peugeot feels slightly more modern, while the Skoda feels a more quality and practical offering. Given my current needs of a large carrying capacity (picking up cookers, carrying bikes, trips to the tip, etc) the sheer size of the Superb makes it the one for me.