Toyota Auris HSD: A milestone

Service due

It was with baited breath that I watched the milometer roll over 10,000 miles - but, instead of exploding into its component parts, the Auris simply soldiered on.

Passing this milestone meant that the hybrid Toyota, which doesn't have an obvious in-dash reminder, was due its first service, a simple oil and filter change.

I contacted my local dealer and arranged to take the car in on a Saturday. They said that it would take around an hour to complete the work and that I was more than welcome to wait on site while they attended to the Auris.

On arrival I was greeted immediately by a member of staff. They offered me something to drink and directed me to a comfortable waiting area replete with the obligatory pile of magazines and a TV to alleviate the wait.

After being asked whether I wanted the Auris cleaning the staff even obliged to let me see the car in the workshop. The technician who was servicing the car told me that they'd had no major issues with reliability to date and didn't expect any either, as the Auris hybrid is based on the well-proven Prius.

On returning to the foyer I was informed that my car was ready, and given an invoice for £155. That was only marginally more expensive than a similar service on our Mazda3 long termer, which cost £148. The work even took less than the quoted hour, meaning I could get on with my weekend.

Rather neatly the car was parked directly outside the entrance, cleaned and ready to go.

They'd even vacuumed the interior. Result.

Current mileage: 10,027

Average mpg: 44.65

Toyota dealership was efficient, helpful and friendly.

Waiting area was comfortable and well equipped.

Set for another 10,000 miles, for £155, within an hour.