Toyota Auris: Handing the keys back

Final thoughts

I have about another week left driving the Auris before it goes back to Toyota, and although these reports seem to show equal measures of contentment and irritation, the overall experience with the car has been an enjoyable one. Yes some of it’s nannying tendencies were slightly irritating, but it has always been in the best interests of the occupants.

Almost 9000 miles have passed since we took delivery in January, and the Auris has ensured that every one of them has been hassle-free. It could hardly be blamed for picking up two punctures at once, and the rest of the time it has only seemed concerned about getting its occupants to their destination with the minimum of fuss.

It has been comfortable, easy to drive, practical and economical to run with 50mpg-plus achieved several times. And the longer I spent with the car, the more I came to appreciate its all-round ability.

Current mileage: 8890

Average mpg: 50.6