Toyota Auris: Fuel panic

The Auris should chill out

I wrote in March about the annoying passenger warning light that remains illuminated when the system is working properly, and I mentioned that the Auris likes to tell you the most efficient moments for changing gear.

I’ve also discovered that the low-fuel warning is some kind of uber-worrier that tries to panic you into refuelling the moment the LED readout nears the reserve level. I like having the trip computer showing the range at these times so I know I can afford to be choosy about the best price. However, when the low fuel warning appears and you try to switch it back to range, it only shows the range for a further five seconds before switching back to ‘low fuel’, as if I’d have forgotten.

Also, even when it’s been panicking for a good few miles, when brimming the tank I’ve discovered there’s almost 10 litres left. The Auris should chill out.

Average mpg: 51.8