Toyota Auris: Costly punctures

Two flat tyres in one day

Punctures are annoying and inconvenient, but even space-saver spare tyres or puncture repair kits still ensure you can keep moving to find somewhere to repair or replace.

The Auris managed to get a flat along with a slow puncture. So after limping to the office with the space-saver fitted, the other front tyre deflated during the day. The Auris was stuck until we could get a mobile fitter out to replace both.

The jack wasn’t that easy to remove from the car to fit the space-saver although the rest of the wheel-changing process ran smoothly.

The other problem was finding a mobile fitter who could supply an exact match for the Yokohama tyres. We found one – etyres – last Thursday who promised to come out Monday first thing. He arrived just before 1pm. The tyres were also quite expensive at £94 each.

Average mpg: 49.8