Best medium van deals for 2015

  • Medium panel vans with discounts of up to 42 percent
  • Lots of stock to be cleared for new generation models
  • Savings of over £7,000 off list price to be had

With the economy and construction industry picking up fast, 2015 is set to be the biggest year on record for new commercial vehicle sales.

As the prices quoted in the brochure are a lot different to the ones on the forecourt, how do you know what the best price is? Parkers has compiled a list of all the best medium van deals on offer for this year so you know at a glance what the best offers are.

The only mainstream medium van missing from our list is the Mercedes-Benz Vito; very few discounts are available on the new vehicle (which only arrived in Summer 2015) and so was excluded from our list.

All prices exclusive of VAT.

9 - Hyundai iLoad - £3,419 (19.7 percent) discount to £13,904

The Hyundai iLoad is the least discounted panel van at the moment, which is a surprise, as the Korean manufacturer sells very few. The iLoad is quite a thirsty vehicle, but customers benefit from a lot higher specification list and it’s very comfortable to drive.

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8 - Volkswagen Transporter - £3,682 (19.7 percent) discount to £15,045

Volkswagen Transporter T5

The Volkswagen Transporter T5 will be replaced by the Volkswagen Transporter T6 later in the year, but Volkswagen doesn’t need to offer huge discount to clear existing stock. Solid build quality and high residual values mean customers will continue to pay the premium price.

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7 - Vauxhall Vivaro - £5,055 (29.6 percent) discount to £11,999

Vauxhall Vivaro

The all-new Vauxhall Vivaro was launched last year, and already the vehicle has had a big impact on the market. It has gained a lot of respect from fleets and owner-drivers alike, which means the Luton-based manufacturer doesn’t have to lower the asking price.

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6 - Toyota Proace - £5,856 (31.9 percent) discount to £12,498

Toyota Proace

Toyota isn’t offering much discount on its new Proace. The new medium van has been reduced to £12,498 on Parkers Vans For Sale, which makes it more expensive than its Citroen, Peugeot and Fiat badged siblings, and serves as a reason why the Japanese brand has had little success in the market.

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5 – Ford Transit Custom - £5,963 (36.3 percent) discount to £13,733

Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom set the precedent for the market when it was launched in 2012, which unrivalled comfort, refinement and safety. Newcomers to the market, like the Mercedes-Benz Vito and Renault Trafic, have since challenged Ford’s superiority, but this deal from Global Vans isn’t to be sniffed at.

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4 – Peugeot Expert - £6,369 (36.1 percent) discount to £11,281

Peugeot Expert

The utilitarian Peugeot Expert is available for just £11,281, which makes it the second cheapest vehicle in its class. It’s a ‘cheap and cheerful’ van with a spacious five cubic metre load space and a one tonne payload, but ride and refinement are lacking.

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3 – Fiat Scudo - £7,125 (36.3 percent) discount to £12,495

Fiat Scudo

With over £7,000 knocked off the list price, this should be considered for tradespeople looking for a cheap and productive workhorse. This deal relates to the Technico trim level, which includes cruise control, reverse parking sensors and air conditioning.

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2 – Renault Trafic - £7,250 (38.7 percent) discount to £11,499

When we first reviewed the Renault Trafic last year, we were impressed by all major aspects; its comfort and refinement, productivity and fuel economy. There’s very little to fault with this van and it’s available from just £11,499, saving you over £7,000 off the list price.

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1 – Citroen Dispatch - £7,554 (42.3 percent) discount to £10,150

Citroen Dispatch

Currently the best deal, however, is offered on the Citroen Dispatch. While it may not be the most comfortable van to drive, and the noise from the road and engine may be quite loud, it’s a practical van with a large load area and relatively low fuel consumption.

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