Parkers overall rating: 3.7 out of 5 3.7

Vauxhall Mokka (2021) front view

Should you buy one?

While there’s no doubt the current Mokka is a huge step on from the lacklustre Mokka X, it doesn’t do anything particularly well. Sure, there are some peppy engines and there’s nothing too offensive about the way it drives, but there are rivals that are more comfortable and also handle better.

Interior space is its biggest failing, though. While six-footers will be pleased as punch up front, they’ll feel cramped in the back and the boot is average at best. With that in mind, we’d point you towards the far more practical Ford Puma and Skoda Kamiq.

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What we like

There’s the sheer range of personalisation options and the excellent range of engines available, which offer performance and efficiency that really distance it from its predecessor  

From the driver’s seat, there’s a good driving position, lots of clever storage solutions, and that interesting view over the bonnet.

What we don’t like

Inevitably, all this tech and appealing styling comes at a cost. Higher prices compared with the old Mokka X are a disappointment, which may leave some potential owners plumping for the cheaper (and less good) Crossland instead. Rear room isn’t the best – there’s resonable headroom, but not as much legroom as we’d like, and the shallow side windows can leave smaller passengers feeling a little claustrophobic.

A lack of fun on twisty roads also counts against the Mokka, and although this might not be of particular interest for some owners, it is still an important consideration for many others – as we say, it’s night and day better than the last Mokka X, and we’re nitpicking here.

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Vauxhall Mokka (2021) rear view