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It's an ID.3 on stilts, and all the more appealing for it

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  • Volkswagen's next ID on sale in 2021
  • An SUV based on same tech as the ID.3
  • 323-mile range is well ahead of all rivals


  • Pricey 1st Edition might put off buyers
  • Interior and controls not to everyone's taste
  • As an EV, it won't work for everyone

Volkswagen ID.4 SUV rivals

Written by Keith Adams on

The Volkswagen ID.4 is a new electric SUV that was first revealed earlier in 2020, and is a logical extension of the brilliant new ID.3. Volkswagen has been drip-feeding details about this vital new car and we now know this roomy family car will have enough battery range to drive up to 323 miles on a single charge.

The ID.4 is the second model in Volkswagen’s ID range of electric cars, placing an SUV type body on the same MEB dedicated electric vehicle platform as the ID.3. The platform contains all the electric drivetrain components and is purpose-built to be as efficient as possible as an electric vehicle, as it offers no petrol or diesel versions at all.

The new ID.4 is designed to be a roomier and more practical model to the ID.3 hatchback, with the same electric motor and battery pack options underneath. If it looks familiar, that’s because it’s based off the ID Roomzz concept and has a close family resemblance to its smaller hatchback cousin.

The ID.3 is already proving enormously popular with potential buyers, building up a huge waiting list before even going on sale. As an electric entrant into the compact SUV class, it seems likely the ID.4 will replicate that earlier success, and perhaps significantly exceed it - compact SUVs are globally the most popular type of car in the current market.

What's its range and performance?

The ID.4 uses the same basic hardware and underpinnings as the ID.3. To ensure as much power and range as possible, the SUV has the 204hp version of the ID.3’s electric motor driving the rear wheels, kept spinning by a 77kWh battery pack.

It’s capable of a 0-62mph sprint in 8.5 seconds, and Volkswagen claims a maximum range of 323 miles, and expect that to be quite close to the official mpg figures calculated using the latest WLTP standards. Choices will expand to include all-wheel drive and a larger-capacity battery pack in 2021. It has 21cm of ground clearance, so it won't be too shabby at light off-roading, which will be helped when the four-wheel drive version is added.

Buyers will be able to choose from three different sizes of battery pack, depending on their budget and driving range requirements. A rapid charger should be able to deliver an 80% charge in around 30 minutes.

Despite its raised-up off-roadery proportions, it will initially launch as a rear-wheel drive vehicle, like the ID.3. An all-wheel drive version will follow. The ID.4 was originally expected to go on sale in 2020, but the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic - and some teething issues with the ID.3 - may have delayed it until 2021. Certainly there is no pricing information yet.

What's it like inside?

Inside, the electric drive system and dedicated platform mean there will be lots of space for passengers, while full digital displays are expected alongside what VW describes as intuitive voice control and touch surfaces to operate it all. 

The interior concept is essentially the same as the ID.3, even if there appears to be considerably more spacious inside than the hatchback; clean cockpit with a twist-action gear selector attached to the drivers’ instruments and storage cubbies in the centre console.

An augmented-reality head-up display is on the options list – something VW managed to get out of the door before Mercedes did with the new S-Class – and the connected infotainment system has real-time traffic data, live updates on the state of nearby chargers and the ability to pre-condition your car via a phone app.

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Volkswagen ID.4 SUV rivals