Parkers overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 4.6

The Parkers VerdictShould you buy a Volkswagen Passat Estate?

If you’re in the market for a large, slightly premium-feeling family estate car, no car in the class does it better. It’s still the most comfortable and the huge boot roundly eclipses the competition. It’s cheap enough to run - with economical petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid options - and won’t break the bank either, thanks to good value PCP finance deals.

Some rivals are catching up on comfort and refinement levels, but the Passat remains the default option, being a car you get in to and feel at home. It continues to be one of the most refined after all these years, which is no mean feat and treads a fine line between being impressively comfortable while remaining sharp enough to drive.

Sure, it’s not as enjoyable to drive as the Ford Mondeo or Mazda 6 for keen drivers, but remember the fact that the vast majority of these cars will go to fleet drivers who cover more miles than the average Boeing 747 and the focus on comfort makes perfect sense.

We'd opt for one of the two 150hp models, either the petrol or diesel - they'll be powerful enough for most drivers and should offer good fuel economy. However, the plug-in hybrid GTE model also makes a lot of sense, with enough electric range to cover most commutes and the promise of low emissions.

Most trim levels are well specified, and it's tempting to option up to get some of the more premium equipment, such as the excellent Travel Assist. However, unless you do lots of motorway miles, we'd recommend taking stock of your needs and choosing a lower trim level accordingly.

The updated in-car tech from 2019 and semi-autonomous driving kit simply add to the Passat Estate's appeal, although you’ll have to go above SEL if you seek a higher gadget count.

In short, it's not perfect, but the Passat Estate has to be one of the most comfortable, practical, upmarket and - all things considered - best value estate cars available. 

2019 VW Passat Estate rear

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