Volvo C30 DRIVe:: not entirely spacious

Space oddity

I'm largely pleased with the Volvo C30 DRIVe (apart from the upper case/lower case nonsense), but it's not without flaws. Yes, it's stylish, yes it's frugal and yes, it cruises along the motorway with ease, but as a load-lugger, well, it is found wanting.

I confess I play golf... badly, and that means I need a roomy boot for my monstrous set of clubs (all the gear, no idea). Normally, with pretty much every other medium-sized hatchback, you can open the boot, throw the clubs in without too much of a saga and you can whizz off without delay in order to catch the tee-off time.

However, with the C30 you need to factor in five minutes in order to stow your clubs because the boot simply doesn't have enough room.

If you are a regular golfer the stylish Volvo will start to irritate. In order to get your clubs in you have to declip the parcel shelf (there's four clips on each corner), remove the shelf, walk around to the front, reach over and press a couple of buttons to get the rear seats to fold flat, then shove your clubs - and the rear parcel shelf - in. Then you have repeat the process, albeit in reverse, at the end of the round.

There is one benefit, however. If you have had a shocking round you can always blame the Volvo: 'Yes, I was terrribly rushed and all the faffing about getting the clubs in the car didn't help.'

Can't imagine Tiger Woods using this as an excuse though.

Current mileage: 4263

Average mpg: 48.7