Volvo C30 DRIVe: coolant customer

Getting to know you

I am hoping that my last visit to Marshall Peterborough Volvo will be my last. That's not because I don't like them, or that the service hasn't been anything other than professional but after a while it gets embarrassing, like a meeting a friend you know reasonably well on the street, but you don't have anything to say.

This was a scheduled stop, following an unscheduled one a few months ago when the headgasket on the C30 cried enough. Marshall's, ever the professionals, wanted to make sure that the coolant in the system is crystal clear, and after a head gasket replacement you can always guarantee that it will be. There'll always be some sediment lodged in the system that can only be disturbed by a few weeks of motoring.

So I returned, to the service department in Peterborough and they recognised me. It was nice to have a quick chat, but like the embarrassing meeting on the street, somewhat stilted.

The job meant that I would only be without the car for a day. I grabbed a lift to Marshall's with a colleague, so in terms, of hassle, well, there wasn't any.

As you can see on Marshall's Visual Health Check from the service that followed the headgasket replacement the coolant wasn't in good shape. The document is clear: 'COOLANT BLACK - RESIDUAL FROM HEAD GASKET REPAIR. ADVISE CHANGE.

The advice was well-taken and duly carried out. For a princely sum of £13.63, the car is back on the road and coolant is a satisfying ice blue.

Just what the doctor, sorry mechanic, ordered.

Current mileage: 14,568

Average mpg: 53.1