Parkers overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 4.8
  • Beautifully trimmed and well-built cabin
  • Excellent visibility for a high-end performance car
  • Things are less interesting for the passenger

This is another area the R8 excels. Audi has taken the wise decision to install the Virtual Cockpit instrument package first seen in the TT - and now commonplace across the whole Volkswagen Group portfolio - which means there’s a large screen directly in front of the driver. In the R8's case, it displays all of the information the driver may need: not just a speedometer and a rev counter, but also navigation, music or smartphone integration details.

While there are many configurations available, if you’re driving quickly you’ll want the rev counter right in the centre. It helpfully flashes increasingly urgent colours as you climb the rev range that you can see in your peripheral vision, so you know when the optimum gear change is required without having to take your eyes away from the road ahead. If it’s flashing red, you’re going to want to pull the paddle for another gear.

Audi's graced the R8 with a lovely steering wheel, punctuated with ‘satellite buttons’ to fiddle with while driving. It feels very race car.

Our only reservation is nothing to do with being behind the wheel: it's the passenger who get's a comparatively poor deal. From that side of the cabin it can seem dull, since all the driving controls are unashamedly aimed at the driver alone, with precious little in the centre console to look at either.


  • Compliant, comfortable for a high-end sports car
  • Some wind and road noise at higher speeds
  • Not that you'll care when the V10 wails

There’s a high level of adjustability for the brilliant seats too, which means it’s easy to find a comfortable driving position.

And unlike many rival supercars, there’s actually a decent level of vision from the driver’s seat. We were impressed once again with just how easy this car makes the art of driving fast.

Considering its two-seater sports car nature, we were overwhelmed by how comfortable the R8 Coupe is, although the caveat here is we've only driven models equipped with the Magnetic Ride suspension system. There is a small amount of bumpiness at lower speeds because the car is just so rigid, particularly noticeable on larger rims with skinnier sidewalled tyres, but there’s also a compliance there we found rewarding considering just how capable the R8 is on track.

Drive it gently - no, seriously - and you'll notice a bit of wind noise when driving at motorway speeds – especially towards the rear of the door windows – but you’ll be happy to put up with this when you hear the engine. It sounds fantastic. Road noise is academic because there’s so much going on elsewhere that you have to really concentrate even to notice it.