The Best Motability Cars for 2020

  • What is Motability? 
  • Which are the best Motability cars? 
  • Our favourites from the scheme in one comprehensive list

If you're a member of the Motability scheme, or looking at joining it, you might just want a helping hand with what car you're going to choose.

Rest assured, that if you're considering signing up for the first time, the scheme has helped thousands before you. In fact, it's assisted more than 600,000 people getting into a vehicle of some sort.

To be eligible you need to be in receipt of the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (HRMC DLA), the Enhanced Rate Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (ERMC PIP), the War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement (WPMS) or the Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP).

What is Motability?

Motability is a charity that allows people in receipt of a disability mobility allowance to use their monthly payment to lease a car to allow them to get out and about.

>> How does car leasing work?

The Motability scheme has a list of cars that eligible participants can choose from. Users don't pay anything on a monthly basis, but if the monthly allowance doesn't cover the cost of the car then they are allowed to add a little more in the form of an upfront payment to get something a little nicer or bigger.

Almost everything is included, too, with insurance, breakdown cover, maintenance and servicing all covered – users just need to pay for the fuel.

The Motability website has a full list of options available, but we've searched out the best cars accessible on the scheme.

Best Motability cars 2020

Skoda Kodiaq
Peugeot Rifter/Citroen Berlingo/Vauxhall Combo
Ford Focus
Dacia Duster
Ford Fiesta
Volvo XC40
SEAT Ibiza
Renault Zoe
Skoda Octavia 
Mini Cooper

Skoda Kodiaq

2018 Skoda Kodiaq

The Skoda Kodiaq is an excellent all-rounder that offers seven-seat mobility with a level of quality that belies its value-for-money position in the segment. Motability users have the choice of both automatic and manual, as well as petrol and diesel models with the core trims in the range available.

Even the entry-level models come with an excellent amount of equipment that shames some rivals. Parking sensors are a notable addition to help make it easier to get the Kodiaq into a tight spot.

It also boasts affordable running costs and huge amounts of space – there is 270-litres of boot space available even when the seven seats are in place, which is more than some small hatchbacks have as standard.

>> Price new: from £26,810
>> Lease this car: from £321 per month
>> Search for a used Skoda Kodiaq on Parkers

Vauxhall Combo/Peugeot Rifter/Citroen Berlingo

2019 Citroen Berlingo

If practicality is everything to you then the Peugeot Rifter/Citroen Berlingo/Vauxhall Combo trio will tick many boxes. The reason we've clumped them together is because underneath they're exactly the same.

They are comfortable, have a very versatile interior setup and huge amounts of space. They might be the car versions of a van, but they really don't feel like it. The Rifter offers a slightly more SUV-like look while the other two are more 'MPV'.

There are even some models that you can pick up without adding to your DLA payment, and a few that only require a small advance fee. As well as the five-seater model, there is the option of a seven-seater version of all three.

>> Price new: Vauxhall Combo: from £18,183.33 >> Peugeot Rifter: from £21,795 >> Citroen Berlingo: from £21,240
>> Lease Vauxhall Combo: from £283 per month >> Lease Peugeot Rifter: from £248 per month >> Lease Citroen Berlingo: from £254 per month
>> Search for a used Vauxhall Combo >> Search for a used Peugeot Rifter >> Search for a used Citroen Berlingo

Ford Focus 

2018 Ford Focus

There is very little to fault on the Ford Focus, so it is a fantastic option for those that want a family hatch with plenty of space, excellent refinement, strong performance and an entertaining driving experience.

Six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic gearboxes are both available, and there is an impressive selection of petrol and diesel engines.

>> Price new: from £20,690
>> Lease this car: from £333 per month
>> Search for a used Ford Focus cars on Parkers

Dacia Duster 

2020 Dacia Duster

The Dacia Duster offers simple, no frills motoring, with the five-door SUV a firm favourite with those seeking an affordable option when it comes to family transportation. There aren't many 4x4 Motability cars, but the Duster is one way to get off-roading ability on the scheme.

If you want to avoid adding an advance payment then you'll be looking at a petrol, but it won't take much to get into the diesel version, which will be the pick of the range for many, especially if you are doing higher mileages.

>> Price new: from £10,995
>> Lease this car: from £206 per month
>> Search for a used Dacia Duster on Parkers

Ford Fiesta 

2019 Ford Fiesta

There are plenty of Fiestas to choose from, with the sporty-looking ST-Line, the three-door and five-door models and both manual and automatic versions among them.

Some small hatchbacks are more practical than the Fiesta, but few are as much fun to drive. The steering is light and easy to make town driving simple, while the rest of the car is beautifully set up to be an absolute hoot on longer drives down quiet B roads.

>> Price new: from £16,140
>> Lease this car: from £316 per month
>> Search for a used Ford Fiesta on Parkers

Volvo XC40 

2020 Volvo XC40

The frankly excellent XC40 is the smallest Volvo SUV you can buy, but it comes with all the practicality and equipment that you would expect from the Swedish manufacturer. The safety kit is class leading and it comes with a selection of really clever storage solutions dotted throughout the cabin.

The boot might not be the biggest in the class, but it is right up there and comes with underfloor storage and seats that fold flat at the flick of a switch.

It is a smooth, if not enthralling, car to drive and there is a choice of manual and automatic models on the Motability scheme. You don't get access to the full range at the moment, but the versions on offer are well worth a look if you want a touch of luxurious practicality.

>> Price new: from £25,295
>> Lease this car: from £347 per month
>> Search for a used Volvo XC40 on Parkers

SEAT Ibiza

SEAT Ibiza

The SEAT Ibiza makes it onto this list because it proves motability cars don't have to be frumpy. It's a sharp looker and has hidden talents beneath the pretty exterior too.

Chief of which is the boot. It measures in at 355 litres making it larger than the Skoda Fabia, a car it shares mechanical bits with.

All versions manage fuel economy of more than 50mpg, but petrol will still be the pick for most. Plenty of automatic versions available on motability too.*

>> Price new: from £16,475
>> Lease this car: from £176 per month
>> Search for a used SEAT Ibiza on Parkers

Renault Zoe 

2020 Renault Zoe

Electric cars are in short supply on the Motability scheme. Luckily the Renault Zoe is both in it, and one of the best entry-level electric cars out there.

Why is it so good? Well, it looks much like a little petrol supermini, but it produces zero emissions from its tailpipe, and it's superby easy to drive thanks to light steering and an automatic-style gearbox.

Range is around 250-miles between charges. This means most people will only probably need to charge twice a month.*

>> Price new: from £26,495
>> Lease this car: from £425 per month
>> Search for a used Renault Zoe on Parkers

Skoda Octavia 

Skoda Octavia Estate

Skoda's second entry onto this list. But as the brand is known for its value for money and practicality, it's easy to see why it's a Parkers favourite.

The Octavia is generally practical, spacious, plus really comfortable, and best of all, it's super easy to use.

The automatic gearbox is smooth too, and the mobility scheme offers both manual and auto options, as well as the hatchback and the estate.*

>> Price new: from £22,390
>> Search for a used Skoda Octavia on Parkers

Mini Cooper S

2019 Mini Cooper S

So far this list has been made up of sensible propositions. But who says a roundup of the best Motability cars can't contain a 192hp hot-hatch?

If you're after a Motability car with a bit of zip, the Mini Cooper S is the one to go for.

It races from 0-62mph in 6.8 seconds, and as you'd imagine, the Mini is as nimble as a fly. But the suspension set-up is so honed and well tuned that the ride comfort is more pliant than most other hot-hatches too.*

>> Price new: from £20,925
>> Lease this car: from per month
>> Search for a used Mini Cooper S on Parkers

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