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BMW 3-Series Saloon review

2005 - 2011 (change model)
Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 54.5
” Solid, desirable used saloon “

At a glance

Price new £19,845 - £38,685
Used prices £692 - £6,696
Road tax cost £20 - £675
Insurance group 21 - 38
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Fuel economy Not tested to latest standards
Range 416 - 912 miles
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Pros & cons

  • Great to drive
  • Decent level of standard kit
  • Superbly built, refined interior
  • Expensive for what it is
  • Firm ride
  • Not as reliable as you'd think

Written by Mike Humble Published: 18 October 2022 Updated: 18 October 2022


If you’re looking to buy a E90-generation BMW 3-Series (2005-2013), it’s worth getting familiar with common problems before shopping around. Avoid being caught out by buying a bad BMW E90, read out buying guide to get the full expert view on the popular compact executive saloon

BMW 3-Series (E90) known faults and common problems

Launched at the end of 2004, the fifth-generation BMW 3-Series (best identified by BMW’s model code, E90) was an evolution of the company’s compact medium sector model. With a heritage going as far back as 1975, the new model had an established position in the market, and the full range comprised of Cabriolet, Coupe, Touring and Saloon variants.

All share the same focus on image, quality and engineering, without changing too much over the popular E46 3-Series the E90 replaced, and regardless of specification the E90 range drives well, and presents the engaging, high-quality image that BMW is known for.  

Popular with fleets, company car drivers and private buyers, the 3-Series Saloon was competitively priced new with an expansive range covering low cost, low running costs, or high performance (in the form of the M3) to suit a very wide variety of owners.

However, no matter how much it presents an image of BMW reliability, in the long term this model did not show BMW in its finest form in terms of reliability. Bought in a rush or without a little know how means the self-styled ultimate driving machine can be the ultimate headache.

Top 10 2005-2013 BMW 3-Series (E90) problems

Buying guide – common issues, and what to look for if you’re looking at getting one:

1. Driveline vibrations

As with most modern cars, the 3-Series is known for vibrations coming from an expired or worn dual mass flywheel on manual cars. Listen and feel for chattering on idle, a pulsating sensation through the clutch pedal and or a metallic chatter when turning off the engine.

2. Excessive brake wear

These cars seem to be harder on the brakes than its rivals. Check for deep wear lips on the disc edges, blueing of the rear discs and juddering when braking from high speed. Avoid the temptation of fitting cut price unknown aftermarket friction parts – this is false economy and bad news.

3. Washer jets or pump not working

Beware of a trade or dishonest private vendor telling you the bottle only needs topping up. The washer pump and jets are prone for blocking up if poor quality or no screen wash additive is used. Unblocking the jets is a simple task but replacing the pump can be quite fiddly and expensive.

4. BMW 3-Series diesel: turbo failure

BMW 320 diesels with the M47 engine can suffer from premature turbo failure at often very low mileages. If the engine makes a loud ghostly whine like a vacuum cleaner on initial start-up or when under load – walk away. Also, be very wary of cars with a sluggish power delivery, this is often the same cause.

5. BMW 3-Series (E90) 320d ED: noisy cam chains and gears

There was a manufacturing defect on the 320d 177hp Efficiency Dynamics, where the engine was built with poor quality timing sprockets.  Total failure can cost you up to £5,000, so listen out for a distant whining sound from the front of the engine. If the chain snaps, the engine will be destroyed.

BMW 3 Series (2009) interior

6. Noisy whining alternators

Keep a keen ear open for a metallic whirring or whining sound that varies in pitch within the area of the drive belts. This can indicate failed bearings inside the alternator assembly. If ignored it will seize and snap, or in some cases, set fire to its drivebelt.

7. Check out the paperwork

A good used BMW will have been looked after by either a main dealer or one of the many independent BMW garages. A car with fast-fit, sporadic or zero service history spells trouble. Some specialist independants operate to an even higher standard than franchised

8. 3-Series (E90) with sunroof: smelly interiors

Some early cars had issues with sunroof seals and drainage points. If the carpets smell or the roof-lining is stained suspect this and budget a few hundred pounds to get this put right properly. Ensure the hood works without fault on the cabrio as a fix will work out expensive too.

9. Wayward handling or noisy suspension

Front ball joints and wishbone bushes are susceptible to wear. Be wary of knocking/thumping noises or a reluctance to keep a straight line at speed. All 3 Series should handle pin sharp and drive arrow straight. Check for broken coil springs too.

10. Panels and paint

These cars, like all other BMWs, are famed for their exterior build quality. Any squiffy panel gaps, cloudy paintwork or poorly aligning trim is your perfect excuse for simply walking away. Don’t accept vendor patter either, they really were built with care and precision from new.

Model timeline

2005: E90 saloon and Touring (E91) goes on sale
2006: E92 Coupe introduced
2007: New M3 launched
2007: Hard top E93 Cabriolet launched
2007: 177hp Efficiency Dynamics 320d launched
2008: Model range facelift
2010: Additional trim levels added for saloon and touring bodystyles

Main Dealer UK Coverage

• Good

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