Top 11 registrations

  • New '11' registations out on December 7
  • A whole new set of private plates will be available
  • We pick our top 11 cherished registration marks

Tomorrow you'll be able to buy the new ‘11' car registration numbers, opening up myriad possibilities of combinations for your next private plate.

We've scoured the DVLA website for the available plates and picked out our top 11, showing you how much they cost and perhaps why you'd buy such a plate.

1.  Ballroom dancing enthusiast? BA11ERS £599 
2.  Spend most of your time in roadworks? BO11ARD £1999
3.  Own a parrot, a hook and a peg-leg? GA11EON £799
4.  Drive a boring car? DU11ARD £799
5.  Have a feisty feline? HE11CAT £1299
6.  Hammer salesman? MA11ETS £799
7.  Drive a gas-guzzler? PO11UTE £799
8.  Own lots of Rolls-Royces? RO11ERZ £799
9.  Seven feet tall? TA11EST £1299
10.Have loads of money? WA11ETS £399
11.Er... FE11ATE £399

*Parker's top tip: Remember, you are not allowed to use a registration mark that makes the car look younger than it is. For this reason, the new ‘11' plates will only be usable on cars registered after December 7.