Keeping your car going in winter

  • Advice on what to look out for in the winter months
  • From checking tyres to replacing window wipers
  • Vital checks could save you cash in the long run

Making sure your car is in good working order is important no matter what time of the year it is, but during the cold months these checks are even more vital.

With the temperature dropping and bouts of extreme weather, maintaining your car means you're less likely to experience breakdowns.

It's not just about avoiding breakdowns though. Doing the checks could also mean you avoid having to pay out for something that could go wrong that you could have spotted. For happy motoring in the dark and dank days of the year, check out our winter maintenance tips.

The state of your brakes

With the onset of rain, and even possibility of snow, making sure your brakes work in wet conditions is paramount. It's a good idea to check that there is sufficient brake fluid too. If any or both of these are a problem you are best to get it sorted sooner rather than later as it will help save money in the long run.

Checking your tyres

Keeping an eye on your tyre tread is important all year round but, like many things, it has increased importance over the wet winter months. If the tread is fine, then don't forget to check the pressure is correct too. Also consider fitting winter tyres - check out our guide here.

Replacing windscreen wipers

If your wipers have been on for a while, most people probably don't even change them in the time of owning a car, it might be time to replace them. Not only is there the rain and possible snowfall, but with grit and muck on the road a decent set of wipers is imperative for keeping your windscreen clean.

Topping up with antifreeze

Like the majority of checks, this might seem like common sense, but antifreeze is possibly one of the most important parts of keeping your car running well in winter. You should have a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze in your radiator and topped up. You can get a garage to check this or do it yourself.

Fill up your windshield washer fluid

Again this is something that you tend to do all-year round anyway, but like the replacing of wipers becomes even more vital when the weather becomes worse. With so much dirt and spray on the road, keeping your windscreen as clear as possible is essential.

Are all your lights working?

Any faulty lights, be it headlights, brake lights or even fog lights, are a problem. With the nights setting in early and anything from fog to heavy rain, being seen and being able to see is the next priority after your car actually starting and moving.

Keeping the battery going

Cold winter mornings can be one of the biggest threats to your battery, especially in an older car. If your battery is ageing then it might be worth looking to replace it for a new one.