Audi offers new service package

  • Covers first three years servicing and maintenance
  • Package also includes five year warranty and first MOT
  • Fully transferrable, all for monthly price or one-off fee

Audi is offering all new car customers a care package that offers improved servicing, maintenance and warranty cover.

Called Audi Complete, the new package covers servicing and maintenance costs for the first three years, as well as extending the standard three year/60,000 mile car warranty to a five year/90,000 mile warranty. It also covers the car's first MOT.

It's available for all newly ordered Audi models and confirmed existing orders. Customers will pay a one-off price or monthly payment starting from £27. You can also add tyre replacement for a small price.

For an A4, Audi Complete service and maintenance with a five year warranty starts from £32 a month, based on 30,000 miles and a fixed service regime. Audi Complete service, maintenance and tyres, starts from £47 a month for the same model.

Audi Complete can be tailored to an annual mileage of between 5,000 and 40,000 miles, with a maximum of 120,000 over three years. Prices depend on the model, the specified annual mileage and the package chosen.

It's also fully transferrable which means any subsequent owner can take advantage of the cover, giving used buyers a little more peace of mind.

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