Tokyo Motor Show 2011 - Mazda

  • Manufacturer showcases its future saloon model
  • Takeri concept offers impressive economy
  • CX-5 crossover gets another airing

The main news at the Mazda stand was the Takeri concept, while the new CX-5 got another unveiling.

Mazda’s Takeri concept, unveiled today, is a four-door saloon powered by a diesel engine featuring stop/start and regenerative braking system. This all adds up to the headline-grabbing range of 935 miles.

The Takeri showcases what is likely to be the future Mazda 6 model and is expected to arrive in early 2013. 

These fuel efficiencies have been achieved with Mazda’s new SKYACTIV-D clean diesel engine also featured on the CX-5 crossover, and it boasts the world’s lowest compression ratio.

The major result is an ideal combustion cycle with highly efficient energy conversion. This means lower mechanical stress, reduced friction and dramatic reductions in the weight of each engine component.

We’ve already driven the CX-5 and it’s a rather impressive piece of kit. You can read the full Parkers road test, here.

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