Audi A5 gets an economy boost

  • A5 Coupe and Sportback get new diesel engines
  • Capable of averaging 64.2mpg, emissions of 115g/km
  • Available to order now, with prices starting at £27,320

The Audi A5 Coupe and Sportback are now available with more economical diesel engines and a new trim level called SE Technik.

Both Coupe and Sportback are now available with a 2.0-litre 161bhp ‘TDIe’ diesel engine, coupled to a six-speed manual transmission. The Sportback is also available with a 2.0-litre 134bhp TDIe engine, also with a six-speed manual gearbox.

The A5 Sportback, when fitted with the 2.0-litre 134bhp TDIe, can return a claimed average of 64.2mpg. The engine provides enough punch to allow the Sportback to complete the 0-62mph sprint in 9.5 second, and accelerate on to 132mph. CO2 emissions are a low 117g/km, resulting in road tax of £30 and free showroom tax.

With the 161bhp engine under the bonnet the 0-62mph time falls to 8.7 seconds, top speed climbs to 137mph, yet the economy and emissions remain almost unchanged. Audi claims an average fuel economy of 62.8mpg and emissions of 118g/km of CO2.

The Coupe, with the 161bhp TDIe engine, manages to return equally impressive figures. Claimed average economy is 64.2mpg, 0-62mph takes 8.4 seconds and its top speed is 140mph. CO2 emissions are the lowest in the range, a tree-friendly 115g/km

The TDIe diesels achieve these impressive figures through the use of low-friction engineering, modern injection systems and a variable-geometry turbocharger to improve throttle response and efficiency. Each engine also comes with a lighter flywheel, to further improve response, and a modified dual-mass flywheel to improve refinement.

The A5 range is still available with 141bhp and 175bhp versions of the 2.0-litre engine, and 201bhp and 242bhp versions of the 3.0-litre V6 diesel. The A5 Coupe is also available with the 175bhp 2.0-litre TDI and the two V6 TDIs.

Further expanding the range is a new specification called SE Technik. It’s available for a £1,000 premium on the SE price for the Sportback, or £500 on the top of the SE price of the Coupe. It includes DVD-based satellite navigation, the Audi Music Interface with iPod connection, front and rear parking sensors and cruise control.

Standard equipment on SE specification models includes 17-inch alloy wheels, leather trim, climate control, Bluetooth connectivity and a colour driver’s information system. Both TDIe engines are also available in Standard, SE and S line trim in the A5 Sportback, and Standard and SE in the Coupe.

The new TDIe versions of the A5 Coupe and Sportback are on sale now. Prices start from £27,320 for the standard A5 Sportback 2.0 TDIe 134bhp, and £28,775 for the standard A5 Coupe 2.0 TDIe 161bhp.