Garage guide website launched

  • Online service helps motorists find cheapest garage
  • Mechanics rated so car owners can find the best one
  • Nationwide service has over 2,800 mechanics listed

A new website has been launched to try to help UK car find trustworthy and local mechanics and garages.

The recently launched service, called Who Can Fix My Car, allows motorists to post the make and model of their car, the problem they have and location. The user is then contacted by local garages and mechanics with quotes for the job.

According to the company, eight out of ten car owners in the UK drive a car that three years or older, which makes servicing and repair more important  to keep the cars trouble-free and on the road.

As well as helping to find the cheapest option, the garages are also reviewed by previous users. This ensures that motorist don’t fall foul of dodgy mechanics. Along with the review customers can leave detailed written feedback for a more in-depth decision on which garage they want to use.

This service should mean that anyone that doesn’t know a local garage they trust or have moved to a new area and need some work doing on their car, won’t feel daunted by the idea of going to a mechanic they don’t know and be worried about being ripped off.

So far the new service has more than 2,800 mechanics listed on the site while there are around 3,000 current jobs posted by UK car owners.

See how the website works and post the jobs for your car, here.