Skoda Yeti – is now the time to buy?

  • Should you invest in the new Skoda Karoq, the Yeti’s replacement?
  • Or buy one of the run-out models, available with great finance?
  • We say 'now's the time to buy' the funky and fun original

The Skoda Yeti was a groundbreaking car when it was launched in 2009. It combined the look and feel of a go-anywhere off-roader, and the packaging of a small family estate car – creating a pioneering crossover in the process.

Eight years after the original launch, Skoda has launched a replacement for it - the Skoda Karoq. But should we be excited? Should we hold off on buying a Yeti, and buy the new car instead? On the basis of a recent drive we had in a Yeti Outdoor SE L 2.0 TDI 150hp 4x4 we're not so sure.

We've already described the Skoda Yeti as a future classic.

Five reasons to buy a Yeti not a Karoq

So, here in no particular order are five reasons why now's the time to buy a run-out Skoda Yeti:

  • The original car, despite its 2013 facelift removing some of its individuality, is a highly individual-looking thing. It's boxy, unassuming, and unlike many rival crossovers, is not overstyled. We're sure the Karoq, below, will be very good.

    Skoda Karoq

    But will it be anything other than a warmed-over SEAT Ateca? Wouldn't you rather stand out in a crowd?
  • It's rough and tough. With a raised ride height, and the option of 4x4, the Yeti makes a great all-year-round family hold-all. Would the more stylish 'baby Kodiaq' be as happy being kicked around by young families?
  • The interior of the current car is equally no nonsense. If you like your car with chunky controls, a proper old-school handbrake, and simple seat-folding mechanism for its massive boot, the you can't go wrong here. 

    Skoda Yeti – is now the time to buy?

    It's not massively stylish inside, though, and the next Yeti probably will be – but is that what you're really looking for?
  • There are some great finance packages* out there. At the time of writing, Skoda was offering zero per cent deals, with an additional £1,500 contribution. In other words, you could get a 2.0 TDI SE L 4x4 over three years, with a £3,000 deposit for £294.46 per month, plus optional final payment of £10,468. And that's before you negotiate a discount...
  • ...And finally: the Yeti has matured into a genuinely excellent car. We've spent a week with the 2.0 TDI 4x4, and despite being quick and carrying around that additional four-wheel drive hardware, it averaged 50mpg in real-world driving conditions. This engine and gearbox combination really suits the Yeti.

You're not short of choices

We've already tested a number of Yetis, since its launch, so you can find out more here:

So, should you buy the current Yeti now instead of investing in the new Karoq? We say 'yes'.


You can rest assured that given the excellence of the Volkswagen Tiguan and SEAT Ateca it shares its underpinnings with that it will be competent, but the outgoing model has a whole set of different attributes. 

Yes, it's not perfect – far from it – but as a functional, practical family hold-all that doubles as a light off-roader when needed, there's little to complain about – even at the end of its life. Buy with confidence, especially if you can take advantage of a great finance package and a discount on top of that!

Skoda Yeti – is now the time to buy?

*Deals are correct at time of publication and sourced direct from car manufacturer websites. Everyone’s financial circumstances are different and credit is not always available – Parkers cannot recommend a deal for you specifically. These deals are indicative examples of some packages available this week.