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Large Van of the Year 2021: MAN TGE / Volkswagen Crafter

Best Large Van Award in partnership with… MCN 


What makes a good large van? Affordability, versatility and a huge loadbay are key. But we’d also argue that technical innovation is increasingly important, especially given the immense pace of change in the motoring world right now. Our Vans of the Year, the MAN TGE and Volkswagen Crafter, are doing their bit for the future as well as doing their best to haul goods right now.

Written by Keith Adams Published: 26 October 2020 Updated: 26 October 2020

Best large van - MAN TGE
Best large van - MAN TGE

Best large van - Volkswagen Crafter
Best large van - Volkswagen Crafter


Two sides of the same coin and both Best Large Van award winners, this pair of previous Parkers Van of the Year Award winners are both built in VW’s cutting-edge factory. Differences are few: MAN offers truck levels of aftersales care, while Volkswagen provides a choice of factory trim levels and has that reassuringly familiar VW brand – which is best for you will come down to the deal you can strike at the time. More importantly, these vans are brilliant to use – they are identically good to drive for such large vehicles, offer great real-world efficiency and have impressive load volumes, with a cab environment that’s second-to-none.

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Best large van - Ford Transit


The Ford Transit isn’t just a van, it’s a household name, and recent changes ensure that the ‘backbone of Britain’ remains as competitive as ever. The cab is packed with all the equipment and comfort you’d expect in a large van, its engines are available with mild-hybrid technology and up to 185hp, and you can get front, rear and four-wheel drive versions. Available with plenty of connectivity features, car-grade infotainment systems and an array of modern safety equipment, it’s far more than just a basic workhorse. Easy to drive and supported by a vast dealer network, it’s another superb all-rounder from Ford.

Best large van - Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


The Sprinter remains incredibly popular as the large van of choice with couriers and supermarket food delivery services, making it a prolific supporter of our online shopping habits in these challenging times. One of the newest models on sale in this competitive segment, the latest version boasts class-leading on-board connectivity, promises exceptional levels of reliability, and is supported by an amazing 30-year road-side assistance package. Comfortable, easy to drive and more than quick enough, the three-pointed star also has the kind of profile other large vans can only dream of – helping you present the best possible image to your customers.