Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0
  • Comfortable standard driving position
  • Plenty of adjustment in seat and pedals
  • Lack of physical air-con controls a real hindrance

The Citroen C3 Aircross is a nice place to be with lots of neat design touches dotted around the interior. What’s more, the French brand’s tendency to use more premium-feeling materials on the areas the driver uses most is refreshing, and adds a touch of quality to the interior. Other parts you’re less likely to see or touch use cheaper, more plasticky materials.

Drivers of all shapes and sizes shouldn’t have any trouble getting comfortable behind the wheel with a good range of adjustment provided. The amount of flexibility in the steering wheel reach is particularly pleasing, as is the handy – but cheap feeling – adjustable armrest. Note that it can be awkward operating the handbrake lever with said armrest set to certain positions.

The biggest disappointment from behind the wheel is the lack of physical air-conditioning controls on Feel-trim cars upwards (expected to form the vast majority of sales). Drivers (or passengers) have to instead adjust air-con and heater settings using the fiddly 7.0-inch central touchscreen.

Bringing up the correct menu and trying to operate the small onscreen buttons is an unnecessary distraction when driving along, made worse by the often unresponsive touchscreen. It’s safest to ask your passenger to adjust the settings or wait until you’re stationary at a set of red lights.

  • Decent overall ride despite struggling over some surfaces
  • Acceptable levels of wind and road noise
  • Large and comfy seats are great for long journeys

The C3 Aircross is a comfortable car, yet its ride quality isn't as polished as it could be.

When driven over decent road surfaces its ride feels well-judged, if a touch firmer than you might expect. However, the suspension often fails to comprehensively iron out sharp bumps or cracks in the road which, ultimately, takes the edge off an otherwise perfectly comfortable ride quality. Interestingly, the ride improves when the car is fitted with Citroen’s optional Grip Control and the accompanying off-road tyres.

However, while the driver's seat provides adequate adjustment levels, those in passenger seat may be disappointed to find a lack of height adjustment on the base. Because of this, those over around 5'10" will find themselves sat exceptionally high-up in the car and, on models with the panoramic sunroof fitted, will find their head brushing the ceiling.

Road and wind noise levels are acceptable, however both the petrol and diesel engines - especially the latter - can sound raucous when revved hard.