Citroen C4: A noise for every occasion

  • It seems the Citroen has a noise for everything
  • Warning to apply handbrake is panic-inducing
  • You can even change the sound of the indicators

Something that is very noticeable from my short time in the C4 is just how noisy the car is.

Now, this isn’t engine noise. That’s well contained. It’s not even road noise, which is barely audible. Instead it’s the various warning bongs, clicks and chimes that go off for different alerts and functions around the cabin.

The most annoying, and almost terrifying, is the alarm that rings if you open the driver’s door without applying the handbrake. Not only is it incredibly loud, but it’s like air-raid siren going off. You’ll never forget to put the handbrake on as a result, and in this sense it does its job, but I’m not sure it needs to be so harsh.

Then there’s another noise for leaving the key in the ignition, although a happier tune is used here. Again it does the job of reminding you about something in the car, but in a slightly less aggressive manner.

Next up is the indicator noise. Now, you’d expect them to make the usual ‘tick-tock’ noise that any other normal car has. However, in a strange departure from the norm, a ‘ding-dong’ noise is used to signal that you’re indicating.

If this noise of the indicators isn’t to your taste though, then you can always change them. Yes, that’s right. You can change the indicator noise. Options range from the classic noise to a rather interesting modern chime.

Now, if only I could change those other noises. Or turn them off altogether.

Current mileage: 12,264

Average mpg: 43.9