Citroen C4: Improved interior

  • Lack of 'novelty' steering wheel a major bonus
  • Better materials make it a pleasant place to be
  • There are still small issues to fight with, however

Compared to the previous model, one of the biggest changes in the new C4 is with respects to the interior styling and finish.

The previous model had some rather quirky features such as a digital centre speedo, digital rev counter and a steering wheel with the static centre hub. These dated very quickly and seemed to be there merely to distract from the poor surroundings.

The stereo system was also clunky and awkward to use, while the different materials in the car were mismatched and didn’t feel up to scratch.

Fortunately, Citroen seem to have paid plenty of attention to all this. The steering wheel is now just a normal steering wheel and the speedo has been relocated to the conventional location. The rev counter is still digital though and there's the option of digital speedo, which makes it clear and easy to read. You can even change the colour of the gauges, with different shades of blue and white. Very nice.

The quality of the materials used has definitely gone up a notch too. Around the gear stick is some faux-carbon fibre, which doesn’t look as bad as it sounds, while everything else is fitted with soft plastics. The dash layout has been improved and is very driver focused, which is good.

Not everything has been sorted, however. The stereo system looks cleaner and more advanced, but there are still a huge amount of buttons. One annoyance is the radio's two dials. The confusion between which one turns it up, and which changes radio stations, seem to be on-going. I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually but at the moment it’s just frustrating.

Also, while the steering wheel is much sensible in terms of design, the splattering of buttons on this remains unchanged and makes it feel incredibly busy. With some scroll buttons relating to other systems on different parts of the wheel, like the stereo system itself, I occasionally end up pressing the wrong one and changing something I didn't want to.

The steering wheel even features a button to dim the instrument dials. Surely that doesn’t need to be on there.

So, while things have definitely improved on the inside, there are still some little niggles in the cabin. Make things a little simpler and less cluttered, and the C4 would be up there with the Ford Focus and Audi A3 for interior aesthetics.

Current mileage: 11,512

Average mpg: 44.5 (ind.)

Interior from the old model is rather drab and dated.

Twin radio dials are a mild annoyance in the new car.