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Should you buy a Citroen e-C4?

If you're after a comfortable electric car that's relaxing to drive and stands out from the crowd, then the answer has to be yes. It's a likeable EV that widens the options available in a rapidly growing market sector – after all, the only other electric car that is even comparably smooth riding for the money is the MG ZS EV  and that's a less accomplished all-rounder, at an admitedly lower price.

Citroen hopes that the new e-C4 will appeal to a wider range of buyers as a more-rounded product that majors on comfort and refinement – and it certainly looks appealing enough to succeed on that account. It's well priced and comes with an impressive amount of equipment, as well as a free home charger.

Its main rival is the Nissan Leaf, which although ageing in several areas, does still offer a competitive battery range and efficiency, and the excellent new Volkswagen ID.3. Both of those are bespoke EVs, designed as such from the ground up without compromise. Considering the e-C4 shares so much tech with its petrol- and diesel powered sibling, the Citroen C4, it puts in a fine performance as an EV.

As it stands, we reckon Citroen has struck the right note with the e-C4, and doubts about battery range aside, it’s an impressive new addition to the EV market that will go a long way towards smoothing out the most stressful of journeys.

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Citroen e-C4 (2021) rear view

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