Top cheap 4x4 towing cars

  • Our favourite five off-roaders that don't cost the world to tax
  • Each one capable of pulling over 2,000kg of braked trailer
  • Find out why we'd pick each car and which trim we'd go for

While they make up the mainstay of the company car park, we’re fully aware many fleet drivers need more from their car than a vanilla hatchback or saloon. What if you regularly need to tow, for instance?

With that in mind we’ve collated our top five great-value four-wheel drive towing cars. All will pull at least 2,000kg of braked trailer, while you might be surprised just how little such a car is going to cost you to tax.

We’ve also picked our favourite version of the car with towing in mind. It’s the best combination of specification and low running costs.

Many of the cars we’ve mentioned are also available as two-wheel drive models. These are going to be cheaper to run, but aren’t as versatile as a 4x4 and usually can’t tow as much either.

To find out more about towing, including licences and maximum towing weights, please visit our Guide to Towing article.


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Why buy?

The Outlander wasn’t a bad car to start with, but midway through the car’s life cycle Mitsubishi dropped a bombshell – the Outlander PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) is a 4x4 capable of fuel economy of over 100mpg in some conditions. The associated low CO2 emissions mean ultra-low company car tax, while the petrol engine and pair of electric motors deliver power to all four wheels.

Braked towing limit: 2,000kg

Tow kit cost: £475 (fixed bar and 13-pin harness)

Power: 186bhp (petrol and electric combined)

Torque: 522Nm (petrol and electric combined)

BIK tax band: 5 percent

Boot size: 591 litres

Monthly tax* (from): £28

Parkers pick: GX4h


Kia Sorento

Why buy?

The Sorento is a noble effort by Korean Kia to build a versatile, reliable family car. You’ve got the option of five, six or seven seats and just one engine – a 2.2-litre diesel. It’s a proper off-road-capable machine, too, and comes with an almost unbelievable amount of equipment. There’s also the extra peace of mind that comes from Kia’s seven-year transferable warranty.

Braked towing limit: 2,500kg

Tow kit cost: £307 for tow bar, £247 for 13-pin wiring harness

Power: 194bhp

Torque: 422Nm

BIK tax band: 27 percent

Boot size: 116 litres (with seven seats up)

Monthly tax* (from): £119

Parkers pick: KX-2 2.2 CRDi 5dr


Volkswagen Tiguan

Why buy?

Volkswagen’s smaller 4x4 is a great package. It’s well-built and feels very solid on the road. Thanks to the introduction of the firm’s BlueMotion Technology it’s also pretty cheap to run, too. You’ll find two-wheel drive versions are cheaper, but they’ll also tow less and won’t be as capable off-road.

Braked towing limit: 2,200kg

Tow kit cost: £381 (fixed bar only)

Power: 138bhp

Torque: 320Nm

BIK tax band: 26 percent

Boot size: 470 litres          

Monthly tax* (from): £106

Parkers pick: 2.0 TDi BlueMotion Tech S


Toyota Rav4

Why buy?

Toyota is a brand known for the impressive reliability of its vehicles. The Rav4 is no exception, built incredibly well and with more practical touches than ever to make life easy for families. Its sophisticated four-wheel drive system means it’ll handle the rough stuff too.

Braked towing limit: 2,000kg

Tow kit cost: £600 (fixed with 13-pin harness)

Power: 150bhp

Torque: 340Nm

BIK tax band: 25 percent

Boot size: 647 litres

Monthly tax* (from): £111

Parkers pick: Icon 2.2 D4-D AWD 150


Honda CR-V

Why buy?

The latest CR-V is a highly impressive machine. It’s been designed with practicality firmly in mind, so you get a huge boot along with a clever mechanism to fold the rear seats away for ultimate load room. The brilliant 1.6-litre diesel engine isn’t available with four-wheel drive, but the 2.2-litre impresses too.

Braked towing limit: 2,000kg

Tow kit cost: £475 (fixed with 13-pin harness)

Power: 148bhp

Torque: 350Nm

BIK tax band: 24 percent

Boot size: 589 litres

Monthly tax* (from): £104         

Parkers pick: 2.2 i-DTEC SE-T


*Monthly tax bills are quoted at 20 percent pay scales and assume no optional extras