Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Practically practical

The boot capacity is 589 litres, but this rises to 1,669 litres once the clever rear seats are folded away. Operated via handles on either side of the boot walls or by fabric toggles underneath the rear seats, the one-touch system folds the whole lot away. To get them back into position takes three actions: fold up the seat back, straighten the headrest and then fold the lower part of the seat back into position.

In case you’re wondering what you can fit in a 589-litre boot, it’s room enough for four golf bags or even up to five mountain bikes. You get lots of storage on the inside of the car too – there are three cup holders and a cubby in the centre console and a netted space in the boot to store smaller items like drinks bottles.

Is all of that enough to remain competitive in what has become an incredibly hard-fought sector of the car industry?

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