Parkers overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4

As on the regular F-Type Coupe, the R version has a driver-focused cockpit which has obviously been designed with keen motorists in mind. The controls are set out wonderfully, the dash features a prominent speedometer and rev counter, and there’s a screen between the two displaying information such as trip computer read-outs, navigation information and multimedia details.

The multimedia system itself is familiar from other Jaguar and Land Rover products, but the operating system has been sped up to improve usability.

We found it easy to find a good driving position, and thankfully Jaguar has designed the car so the driver has excellent vision, both to the sides and behind the car thanks to a large rear windscreen.

Thanks primarily to the Dynamic switch, we were pleasantly surprised by Jaguar F-Type R comfort levels.

The adaptive suspension system, when left in ‘normal’ mode, soaks up bumps and holes very well indeed. Larger obstacles can cause a slight jolt, but don’t forget this is a sports car. It’s no luxury limo.

Again, road noise could be less audible – the large wheels and low profile tyres don’t help in this respect – but it’s a small price to pay for such a fantastic machine.

The seats deserve special mention too. They’re incredibly supportive, yet comfortable at the same time. They also feature inflatable bolsters which mean they’re a snug fit, no matter what your waist size. They’re trimmed in high quality leather which also appears on the dash, arm rests, door inserts and central console.