Parkers overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4

Unique styling

The R Coupe can be told apart by 20-inch silver alloy wheels and ‘R’ emblems on the front grille and embossed on the seats and steering wheel. There’s plenty of leather upholstery inside, with a combination of leather and suede available as an option.

Like other F-Type Coupes, the R can be specified with either a glass or aluminium roof. A neat hidden rear spoiler automatically rises at 70mph and retracts at 50mph, also coming up under hard braking to help slow the car down.

Jaguar is also keen to point out that the Coupe’s boot will accommodate two sets of golf clubs – a big improvement on the F-Type Convertible, which was lambasted by critics for its lack of usable luggage space.

The regular F-Type Coupe and S Coupe models are powered by smaller V6 engines and are covered in a separate review. The R Coupe is considerably more expensive than the rest of the range, priced at nearly £85,000 on-the-road. That’s over £30,000 more than the entry-level V6 Jaguar F-Type Coupe. Tick a few boxes on the optional extras list, and that cost can rise to over £100,000 with not much effort at all.

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