Parkers overall rating: 3.9 out of 5 3.9

Should you wait for a Mazda MX-30?

It's certainly interesting enough. Many new electric vehicles are joining the market, and most have been fairly generic in their approach - taking on the five-door, family-sized template of the Golf, or the supermini-with-space attitude of the Renault Zoe.

The MX-30 is a little different, in that it's designed to keep that youthful, sporty three-door profile (albeit with hidden rear doors) and a traditional interpretation of a sporty car, rather than pushing the boundaries of packaging achievable with electric technology.

It's good value - albeit with a smaller battery than some rivals claim, and it has an appealing style without trying too hard. The doors are a bonus for families, but the small windows negate that somewhat. It's also, in theory, greener than a big-battery EV.

Mazda may well have trouble attracting buyers away from 250+ mile range established rivals and brave new designs that leverage the flexibility of EV powertrains, but those buyers (including you) may want to hold on until they can drive an MX-30 first. It's the most analogue, rewarding, sensible-car-like electric vehicle we've driven so far, swapping space-age aspiration for good, old-fashioned enjoyment with few sacrifices.

And if that lack of range is worrying you, there'll be a rotary range extender that uses the smooth, simple engine design in the most efficient way, just to charge the battery. We'll bring more news of that as soon as details are released.

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