Parkers overall rating: 4.3 out of 5 4.3

Should you buy a Mercedes-Benz C-Class?

With the caveat that, so far, we’ve only driven a German model, the answer has to be yes. This is the epitome of the compact executive car – it’ll look good in the office car park, plies motorways and A-roads with consummate ease and is packed with enough tech to make an aircraft carrier jealous.

It’s not quite the accomplished all-rounder you might hope for, and in all honesty we don’t think it’s practical enough to use as a family car, especially the plug-in with its smaller boot. And, as ever, a BMW 3 Series remains a more involving steer and the pick of the range for keen drivers.

But if you value comfort and quality above handling, and enjoy clever tech that’s actually easy to use, the C-Class looks as though it’ll be well worth taking on a test drive, especially if you're in the market for a plug-in hybrid. We’ll bring you a more definitive verdict when we’ve driven a UK-spec car.

What we like

The interior is the highlight of the C-Class – it’s attractive, feature-rich and yet remarkably easy to use. Perhaps Volkswagen could take a lesson or two in making all-screen interiors work well. The electric range of the 300e also moves the game on significantly amongst company cars of this type.

What we don’t like

The engine range at launch isn’t exactly scintillating, some of the plastics inside could be better and the C-Class feels cramped for all but the driver.

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