Nissan Qashqai: Boot space and benefits

Paint pots and a stepladder

I hate shopping at the best of times, but having to look for ‘soft coffee’ coloured paint (an upmarket way of branding something almost indistinguishable from magnolia) is an awful way to spend a weekend. So we headed towards our nearest sprawling DIY superstore to hunt for the biggest and blandest vat of paint that money can buy.

The actual shopping experience went by in a bit of a blur; rollers, rolls of masking tape and really expensive things that we’ll never really need. But it wasn’t until I pushed the packed trolley back to the Qashqai that I realised how much stuff I needed to cram-in and take home.

I’ve filled the boot with shopping bags and the odd suitcase before but it was a good opportunity to see how well it could cope with bulkier items: three big tubs of emulsion, pots of gloss and wood stain, three-in-one roller sets and a large tool box – oh and a medium-sized stepladder that I had to borrow from a mate on the way home.

As you can see from the photos, I managed to stuff everything into the boot of the Qashqai and I was particularly impressed that it could carry the stepladder, by splitting and folding the rear seats down and sliding the front passenger seat forwards.

For adaptability and roominess, the Qashqai’s boot has proven hugely useful on this occasion and it’s great to have something so versatile that meets the demands of day-to-day life so well.

Current mileage: 1652

Average mpg: 44.9