Nissan Qashqai: Would I recommend one?

Yes, I certainly would

“It’s roomy, has great views and cheap bills” the estate agent said, as we stepped out of the front door and onto what could be my new driveway.

“Yes,” I replied, “and this is the two-wheel drive version, so you can have the looks and commanding driving position of a 4x4 without ever really going off road.”

He’d been looking for a sturdy yet compact family car for a few months and wanted something which looked like an off-roader but handled like a car. So I was only too happy to pass him the keys so he could take a closer look at the Qashqai. In a complete role reversal to the previous twenty minutes, I gave him my best sales spiel as I talked him through the Nissan’s best bits and family-friendly features.

I wasn’t selling him my car of course, but I was trying to sell him the idea of owning a Qashqai. Because I've had one for a month now and I'm still trying to find something I hate about it. Yes, it’s a bit noisy on the motorway and the 1.5-litre engine feels underpowered when the car is fully loaded, but there’s nothing about it so bad that it would stop me recommending one to anybody.

If only he could find me a house I was just as pleased with…

Current mileage: 1408

Average mpg: 43.8