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Porsche Taycan running costs and reliability

2019 onwards (change model)
Running costs rating: 4 out of 54.0

Written by Keith Adams Published: 17 February 2023 Updated: 20 February 2023

Miles per pound (mpp)

Low figures relate to the least economical version; high to the most economical. Based on WLTP combined fuel economy for versions of this car made since September 2017 only, and typical current fuel or electricity costs.
Electric motors, home charging 7.6 - 9.4 mpp
Electric motors, public charging 4.1 - 5.1 mpp
What is miles per pound?

Fuel economy

Low figures relate to the least economical version; high to the most economical. Based on WLTP combined fuel economy for versions of this car made since September 2017 only.
Electric motors 2.6 - 3.2 miles/kWh
View mpg & specs for any version
  • Over 300 miles of range available
  • Super-fast recharging
  • Certainly not cheap to buy

How much is it going to cost to run?

Let’s talk about the good bits before we ramp up the complication when it comes to driving and charging a Porsche Taycan. Firstly the Turbo offers a promised range of 280 miles, while this is reduced slighty in the more powerful Turbo S. If you want more, the regular Taycan with the Performance Battery Plus is the longest range model, with over 300 miles possible according to official figures.

Also, its excellent MPP figure of 4.1 - 9.4 is a boon, compared with more traditonal performance cars, as are the huge tax savings due to lower BIK rates for electric cars.

Range and charging

The Taycan’s much-vaunted 800v charging unlocks topping-up speeds hitherto unseen, even in a Tesla – with claims of a five minute top-up pumping 62 miles into the battery, and the ability to go from 5-80% in 22.5 minutes. There’s a caveat, of course. In order to use the full 270kW peak charging capacity, you’ll need to find an 800v charger – currently only possible at a handful of stations in the UK.

At a more regular 400v charger that figure drops considerably to just 50kW, unless you spend £294 on the optional on-board booster, which increases the charging speed to 150kW. On a home wallbox, it’ll take about nine hours to recharge to full on a 7.2kW set-up.

One huge positive we noticed when driving the Taycan was the accuracy of its range calculator. Many EVs attempt to calculate and re-calculate on the fly, leading to range anxiety as you’re never sure exactly how much range actually remains.

Servicing and warranty

Like all Porsches, the Taycan gets a three-year unlimited mileage warranty that can be extended to up to 15 years or 125,000 miles for a fee. Should your purchase break down in the first three years, there’s also European breakdown cover for free.


  • Owners report some software glitches
  • Fancy digital interior
  • High-voltage drivetrain

Although owners are generally very positive about their Taycans, there are also a few niggling issues with software and electronics systems that are taking the shine off. Users of the Taycan forum report sticking heaters, keyfob problems and some interior trim issues.

It has also been subject to two recalls – one software and one wiring. To check the latest recall info, visit the recall check website.

That said, an electric motor has far, far fewer moving parts than a combustion engine. Inside the car there’s also a lot of digital screens, which means less switchgear overall to go wrong or wear out. We’ll update this page as time goes on.