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Verdict Should you buy a Porsche Taycan?

This car has been a long time coming – not because it was previewed in 2015 with the Mission E Concept, but because Tesla has been making desirable electric cars for much longer than that. While mainstream car manufacturers are slowly catching up, none have so far offered much to rival the Californian maker’s eye-watering performance, daily ease of use and Supercharger network.

While it’s true the charging benefits of the Taycan’s 800v system won’t be properly realised until the availability of such chargers are more plentiful, the performance and handling genius of this car are ready to go from day one. Just remind your passengers to put their heads back before accelerating.

It is simply an incredible technical achievement, adding new levels of enjoyment to all of the things we love about driving – accelerating, braking, and going around corners – with a massive well of ability left largely unused by normal driving.

Add to that the most impressive and attractive interior Porsche has ever made and you’re left with a very tempting combination of desirability and everyday usability. The Taycan takes a screen-heavy dashboard concept previewed in cars like the Audi A8 and simplifies it, leaving something that is both easy on the eye and simple in ergonomic terms.

It’s true that the driving purist will still have more fun in a lighter, petrol engined sports car but as time goes on those are increasingly sanitised by safety and emissions regulations, so the gap between an electric model and something like a new 911 grows smaller by the day. The Taycan closes that gap further still.

There are four variations on the Taycan theme to choose from. It is tempting to consider only the performance-focused models as worthy of attention, but the standard Taycan is so accomplished in the real world, yet priced competitively against the Tesla Model S, it’s hard to see why you would need to spend more. Particularly as the saving over a 4S means you can have the essential upgrades of a larger battery, the best suspension, and the panoramic roof and still have some budget left for personalising your Porsche.

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