SEAT Leon: Month of motorway madness

Piling on the miles

The end of December draws to a close a month of long motorway trips. During the month I've criss-crossed the country and covered no less than 2400 miles. A mixture of work trips and seeing friends and family before Christmas means that I've spent some serious time on the UK's motorways and dual carriageways - 34 hours to be precise. Below are the major trips I've packed into December from Peterborough.



From Peterborough to... Round trip mileage
Newcastle 500
Tunbridge Wells (x2) 480
Wakefield (x2) 900
Farnborough (x2) 520


Back in November I wrote about the built-in hard drive and spoke about the many built-in features. As I've been playing CDs on my long trips, I've discovered what it can't do. If you save a music CD (as opposed to a CD with MP3 files) to the hard drive, it doesn't automatically name them, like you'd expect if you were saving tracks to your computer's hard drive. Other manufacturers do offer this functionality. The system offered on the Mitsubishi Outlander, for example, connects to the 'Gracenotes' database to find the artist and track names.

My Leon has now covered just under 10,500 miles and it's telling me - through the on-board computer - that it's ready for a service. Time to give my SEAT dealer a ring. Expect a service update very soon.

Current mileage: 10420

Average mpg: 41.2