SEAT Leon: First motorway trip

Leon impresses on first long haul

It's quickly becoming clear that this Leon is going to make a great motorway car. The strong 2.0-litre diesel not only delivers decent fuel economy, but it hit has plenty of power for quick overtaking and, with a sixth gear, is relaxed at 70mph. It's quiet too, with little wind or engine noticeable. The seats are comfortable yet provide excellent support on these longer journeys - so I shouldn't suffer back ache after a couple of hours at the wheel.

This car has an optional 30GB of hard disk storage space, which I'll be able to fill with hours of music and podcasts. There should also be plenty of opportunities to test the touch-screen sat-nav system. It's a new-generation system and has only been available on the the Leon since January 2008. 

First trip is a quick hop from Peterborough to Stansted Airport. By the end of the journey the trip was showing just over 45mpg, with an average speed of between 65 and 70mph.

Over the next few months, I'll be racking-up plenty of motorway miles. In the diary there are trips planned from Peterborough to Tunbridge Wells in Kent, Farnborough, Manchester, Wakefield and Newcastle-upon-Tyne - among others. That's a minimum of 24 hours on the motorway - plenty of time to see if the Leon's ability on the motorway will continue to impress.

Current mileage: 4780

Average mpg: 43.2