SEAT Leon: Petrol or diesel?

Which is the better choice?

Parker's has recently launched a nifty little tool that shows you whether a diesel will really save you money. I've done the sums for my Leon and it seems that if I cover an average mileage, my car will pay for itself in just under two years. I tend to cover a slightly higher mileage than normal, so I'd probably start to reap the benefits even sooner.

That pleases me, as I'm really enjoying the 2.0-litre diesel that's in this Leon. I'm getting decent economy on the motorway (45mpg+) and its low-down grunt makes it pretty handy on the backroads. I have driven the 2.0-litre petrol alternative and, given the choice, I don't think I'd swap.



  SEAT Leon FR
2.0 16V TDI FR 5d


2.0 16V T FSI FR 5d

List price £17,890 £17,490
Fuel consumption

47 mpg

35 mpg
Price per litre 98.3p 86.3p
Extra cost to buy £400  
Saving per 1000 miles £17.01  
Miles to break even 23,512  
Time to break even
at 12,000 miles per year
2 years  












Try the diesel-v-petrol calculator for yourself here

Current mileage: 5962